How do i know if your trampoline mat will fit my trampoline?

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If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to work out if our trampoline jumping mat will fit your trampoline.


1. Measure the diameter of your trampoline.  This measurement is the size mat to buy.

2. Count how many spring holes you have on your trampoline frame.

3. Measure the spring length, end to end including hook.


You must have the same spring quantity and spring length for our trampoline mat to fit your trampoline.

If you have the same spring quantity, but have longer or shorter springs, our mat will fit if you also purchase a full set of springs.

We have discounted package deals if you need to also buy the springs.

Please make sure you measure your trampoline.  Just because you have 72 springs, does not necessarily mean that it is a 12ft trampoline.  Many different makes of trampolines have different spring quantities and spring lengths.

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