How do I know what size my trampoline is?

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Measuring your trampoline is simple, all you have to do is know where to measure.

A lot of people think that trampoline size is based on the size of the black jumping mat, but in fact it is based on the frame diameter.

Using a tape measure, you have to measure from outer frame, directly across in a straight line to the other side of the frame to get the diameter. Sometimes it can be easier to measure along the ground.


Converting meters to feet:

  • 2.43m - 8ft
  • 3.04m - 10ft
  • 3.65m - 12ft
  • 3.90m - 13ft
  • 4.26m - 14ft
  • 4.57m - 15ft
  • 4.87m - 16ft





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