our team

We love Australia and the opportunities we have here for a wonderful life.  We are proudly Australian owned and operated.  Our family and friends are the most important things in life.

Our goal is the ensure that every Australian family has the opportunity to have in their backyards a safe trampoline to enjoy. We believe all parents need to be given the opportunity to relax, knowing that their children are playing safely on the iconic backyard trampoline.

 our morals

Since opening in 2008 we have challenged ourselves to improving the safety of the traditional backyard trampoline so all children can play safely.

We take this very seriously, and have independently tested our trampolines to ensure that they comply with the Australian Safety Standard for trampolines which, at the moment is a non-mandatory standard.

We don't just sell trampolines, for us, it's personal. You are trusting us with your loved ones.

our quality standards

Every trampoline that leaves our warehouse represents our care for your children's safety.  We work very closely with our manufacturers to ensure that quality is paramount and that all the images on our site are true and reflect exactly what you purchase from us.

our trampoline range

We have a full range of spring trampolines to suit all families and back yard sizes.

Every day we speak to parents hunting for spare parts for their trampoline.  They unfortunately made the mistake to buy a trampoline from a store who does not support them if something goes wrong and needs replacing.  In many cases, spare parts cannot be purchased to repair their trampoline out of warranty. Money down the drain. 

We have tried to cover most combinations of trampoline replacement parts from replacement trampoline pads, trampoline mats, ladders and safety nets. 

We are here for you if you need parts for your Premier Trampolines trampoline.

Enjoy and happy jumping.

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