Which Size Trampoline Should I Get?

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What size Trampoline should I get for my family?

As a rule of thumb we say that you should buy the biggest trampoline you can fit in your backyard, and of course, what your budget can afford.

With a tradesman tape measure, simply lay down the tape in your yard where you would like the Trampoline placed. You will now be confident which size you are able to fit. You would be surprised how many Trampolines we sell that are exchanged because once the Trampoline is delivered and started to be installed, it's just too big and will not fit. Oops!

8 ft Trampoline

8ft trampoline is perfect for preschool jumpers or those with a small yard.  The 8ft trampoline is 2.4 meters wide, so its great if you have limited space.  The 8ft trampoline is build with the same strong materials, however it has a lower jumper weight of 80kg because it is lower to the ground.  It is 50cm off the ground so heavier jumpiers can stretch the mat to capacity and could possibly touch the ground when jumping.

10 ft Trampoline

The 10 ft Trampoline will still be perfect for a young family or small yard however has a carrying capacity of 150kg. The 10 ft Trampoline is more suitable for bigger children or adults.  A Trampoline Ladder is included with this model.

12 ft Trampoline

Premier Trampolines 12ft Trampoline seems to be right for everyone. One of our best sellers, the 12 ft Trampoline is perfect for almost everyone. Not too big, not too small and priced well. The 12 ft Trampoline also has a 150kg carrying capacity and comes with a trampoline ladder.

14 ft Trampoline

Now getting into the "big" category, your yard will be easily filled with our 14 ft Trampoline. Included is the ladder and also has a 150kg carrying capacity. Much more space for budding tricksters than the 12ft Trampoline.

16 ft Trampoline

What can I say, What A Whopper!! The 16 ft Trampoline is the biggest Trampoline we sell. All the same quality fitting and features as our entire range, the Premier Trampolines 16 ft Trampoline will have all of your friends and family stunned. Plenty of room for everyone to play and still just a bouncy as the smaller size.


Enjoy your Trampoline.

This questions is the most commonly asked.  Watch our video where we explain the sizes difference.





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