Secure Your Trampoline

How to Secure your Trampoline?


Secure Your Trampoline

Securing your trampoline is one of the most important aftercare steps to ensure that your new purchase is around for years to come. Could you imagine waking up in the morning after a storm to find your trampoline is no longer there?

Even if your trampoline is surrounded by wind barriers we would still recommend that it’s tied or anchored down. It’s an expensive and heavy piece of equipment that could end up causing damage to your property or your neighbour’s property and we don’t want that.

There’s a number of ways to ensure that your trampoline is kept secure. Trampoline anchor kits are a specialised type of product that is designed to hold down and secure your trampoline from high winds and hurricanes. Made of high quality galvanized steel that offers long term protection from weather corrosion and rust. 

It’s important to test the area to ensure the grass and soil will be able to support an anchor kit 

  1. Locate the area you’re going to put the trampoline.
  2. Grab a spare screwdriver, the bigger the better.
  3. Push the screwdriver into the ground.
  4. How far can you push it? are there stones stopping it?

If you can push the screwdriver into the ground with relative ease and there’s no loose soil or stones then an anchor kit is perfect for this location. The anchor kit will work just fine.


Source  - April 5, 2020 by Edd Edward