n the video below, we talk about the types of things things you need to consider before buying your trampoline. The trampolines can turn out looking much bigger in your yard than you expected. It is recommended to measure the area that you wish the trampoline to go, this will give you a good idea of the best size to choose.


What size is best?

As a rule of thumb we say that you should buy the biggest trampoline you can fit in your backyard, and of course, what your budget can afford.

With a measuring tape, simply lay down the tape in your yard where you would like the trampoline placed. You will now be confident which size you are able to fit. You would be surprised how many trampolines we sell that are exchanged because once the trampoline is delivered and started to be installed, it's just too big and will not fit. Oops!

8ft Trampoplines

When space is limited, or the children are younger, our range of 8ft trampoline for sale is a perfect fit. But it will still comfortable handle older kids and adults. The 8ft trampoline is the equivalent of 2.43m edge to edge. The trampoline net is on the outside of the safety pad so you gt full use of the trampoline space.

10 ft Trampolines

The 10 ft trampoline will still be perfect for a young family or small yard however has a carrying capacity of 150kg. The 10 ft trampoline is more suitable for bigger children or adults. A trampoline ladder is included with all 10ft trampolines. Size wise, the 10ft trampoline will measure 3m from edge to edge. As with all our trampolines, the net is on the outside of the safety pad to ensure you get full use of the entire trampoline matt area.

12 ft Trampolines

Our most popular range, our 12ft Trampolines for sale seems to be the right fit for most families. Requiring 3.65m from edge to edge, the 12 ft trampoline is not too big, not too small and priced well. The 12ft trampolines also have a 150kg carrying capacity and come with a trampoline ladder as standard.

14ft Trampolines

Currently our largest size in stock, the bigger capacity is our 14ft Trampoline Range. Now getting into the "big" category, your yard will be easily filled with our 14ft trampoline as it measures 4.26m edge to edge. Included as standard is a ladder, and it accommodates a 150kg carrying capacity. Much more space for budding tricksters than the 12ft trampoline.