Faq Jumping Mats



How do I work out what size jumping mat I need?

Firstly measure your trampoline across the middle, side to side. This is the size mat you need. You don't need to measure the mat, the trampoline frame width is what you need. Then count how many springs you have, and how long they are, including the hook.
The result of this must match our specification. If you springs are too long, we can help, however you will need to re-spring the trampoline.
We have jumping mat and spring bundles available. These are listed in the trampoline mat pages.

Will my children get black feet jumping on your mat?

Our jumping mats are genuine USA weave made from superior quality materials for bounce and UV resistance. We find that your children can get black feet after jumping on inferior quality Chinese made mats.

Will the jumping mat be bouncy?

Quality USA materials means that the jumping mat will have superior bounce. Please make sure that your springs are the correct length. If your springs are too long, the mat will not have correct amount of tension and will not be jumpy.

How long will it take for me to get my order?

Spare parts delivery depends entirely where you live in Australia. We ship from our warehouse in Melbourne. Delivery time depends on your location. We use Fastway or Australia Post for our spare parts deliveries. Click here to see more information on delivery times.

What is a spring tool, do I need to buy one?

The spring tool assists you to put on the jumping mat. When you get to the last few meters, the jumping mat is under extreme tension and can be difficult for you to put the hooks over the frame. The spring tool hooks the end of the spring so you can pull back and hook the spring over the frame. Click here to have a look at the spring tool.

What happens if the mat I order does not fit?

If the jumping mat does not fit, you can return the mat for a refund. Please make sure that you send with the mat a print out of your order or a note inside your parcel. If you measure your trampoline and springs, there is absolutely no reason why the jumping mat won't fit.

What is the warranty of your trampoline mat?

Our jumping mats come with an 18 month warranty. If it breaks, we'll replace it. Click here to read more.