Faq Springs



How do I measure my springs?

The length of your springs, are end to end including the hooks. Springs generally come in 3 sizes, 135mm, 178mm and 208mm.

My springs are stretched, will they still be ok for my mat?

Your springs can stretch over time. You may find that as they stretch the jump on your mat will change. For example: if your trampoline mat is for a 178mm spring length, and your springs have stretched to 190mm, the trampoline mat will have less jump.

How much does it cost to ship springs?
Trampoline spring orders are free of any shipping charge.
I need a different amount of springs than you have listed, can i order a different quantity?

We have listed multiples to suit our trampoline mats. If you require a different number of springs in a bulk order, please contact us and we can quote you a price for the amount you need.