Faq Safety Nets



How do I work out what size net I need?

Firstly measure your trampoline across the middle, side to side. This is the size of your trampoline. You now need to count the number of poles you have sticking up in the air.

The result of this must match our specification. If you don't have enough poles, we may be able to help, however you will need to have the right number of legs.

We have safety net and pole padding options available. These are listed in the trampoline net pages.

Can my children use the net to bounce off?

Although our safety nets are made to comply with the Australian Safety Standards, they are not made to be bounced off. They are used only as a safety measure for an accidental fall. If the children continually bounce into them they can tear from the seam.

How do I put the net on?

To put the safety netting on your trampoline is quite simple. Click here to watch how its done.

How long will it take for me to get my order?

Spare Parts delivery depends entirely where you live in Australia. We ship from our warehouse in Melbourne. Delivery time depends on your location. We use Fastway or Australia Post for our spare parts deliveries. Click here to see more information on delivery times.

My last net fell apart in no time at all, will yours last longer?

Our safety netting has been tested to comply with the Australian Safety standards - made to last in the strong Aussie sunlight. Our netting has been tested under a UV light for 5000 hours and is made with three strand woven PVS plastic. It is fade, sun, rain and mildew resistant. Saying that, there is also an 18 month warranty so it will be sure to last you the long haul.

What happens if the net I order does not fit?

If the net does not fit, you can return it for a refund. Please make sure that you send with the net with a print out of your order or a note inside your parcel. If you measure your trampoline diameter and count the number of poles, there is no reason why the safety netting wont fit.

What is the warranty of your trampoline net?

Our safety nets come with an 18 month warranty. If it breaks, we'll replace it. Click here to read more.