Faq Trampolines



Is the size of the trampoline including the padding?

The size of our trampolines are the full width of the trampoline's frame, from side to side across the middle. For example, a 10ft trampoline is 3 meters wide. This includes the black jumping mat and the safety padding.

How much space do I need in my yard for my trampoline?

For safety reasons, you can't push your trampoline hard up against walls or fences. We recommend 50cm to 1 meter off hard surfaces. This will ensure if the jumper leans on the netting there is no chance of injury.

How long will it take to get my trampoline?

Trampoline delivery depends entirely where you live in Australia. We ship from our warehouse in Melbourne. Delivery time depends on your location. Click here to see more information on delivery times.

Is the trampoline hard to put up?

The trampoline can only go together one way. However if you watch our assembly videos prior to getting your trampoline, this will assist with assembly. The trampoline is not difficult to erect and you will need between 60 - 90 minutes. Click here to watch videos.

How bouncy are your trampolines?

If you want a great jump, our trampolines are for you. Our models are very responsive and bouncy. You are welcome to come along to our showroom and have a jump and try for yourself.

What is the warranty of your trampoline?

Premier Trampolines: we offer a lifetime frame warranty and 18 months on all parts. Premier Trampoline customers also get access to half price spare parts for life. Click here to read more.

Jump Trampolines: we offer 12 months frame warranty and 6 months on spare parts. Free shipping on all spare parts.

We are committed to having your family jumping for a long time!

Can I change the colour of a spring trampoline padding and net to the springless colour?

Unfortunately our trampolines come in set colour combinations. Our Premier model comes with blue padding and blue net sleeves and our Jump model comes in black. Both colors are very fun, fresh and friendly.